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Expert Mechanical Design Engineering Services: From product design to system optimization, our skilled engineers deliver innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Innovative Solutions from Concept to Creation

SolarisIDEA Industrial Product Design, “All that is impossible remains to be achieved.”
Jules Verne

SOLARIS DESIGN is the design innovation partner for leaders seeking to accelerate business success.

We are a focused team of research, design and engineering professionals whose design thinking methods inform and translate strategy into breakthrough products and services.

Introduction to Mechanical Design Engineering


Mechanical design engineering is a specialized field within engineering that focuses on the development, design, and analysis of mechanical systems and components.

This discipline combines principles of physics, mathematics, and material science to create functional, efficient, and reliable mechanical products. Here’s a detailed look at mechanical design engineering: Key Concepts and Principles Engineering Fundamentals Mechanics: Study of forces and their effects on matter. Thermodynamics: Understanding heat transfer and energy conversion. Material Science: Analysis of material properties and selection for specific applications.


How do you make intelligent decisions in complex situations where speed to market is critical to success? You need good information derived from end-users, markets and trends, considered in context, with assumptions and risks identified. Solaris Design uses innovative research and analysis processes to create a deep understanding of stakeholder needs.

We provide complete and actionable information that answers questions like, “What is our next great opportunities?” and “What is our precise target for success?”


Our discovery research reveals unmet demands and illuminates product and service innovation market gaps. Using a wide range of ethnographic and participatory design-research tools, we identify fresh opportunities by exposing underlying needs, desires and goals that can otherwise go undiscovered.


Our definition of research puts new opportunities under the magnifying glass to give them greater clarity and context. We help you understand opportunities from multiple perspectives to align priorities, focus strategy and direct development.
Our definition of research deliverables


A well-defined and articulated opportunity is the starting point for strategy. We approach business strategy as the design process of devising and implementing a plan to achieve a clear, shared marketing goal.

As your strategy partners, we transform insights into actionable visions and tangible plans that gain traction across your organization.


Combining experience with foresight, leaders envision their role in future markets and then build compelling cases to invest in and exploit those opportunities. Solaris helps companies align internal and external business forces to visualize and develop a unique approach to a specific opportunity.

We use design thinking processes to create scenarios for future product and service opportunities, frame competitive positioning, articulate brand promises and, most importantly, illustrate opportunities in ways that inform, engage and excite stakeholders.


Turning opportunities into successful offers requires a foolproof implementation plan.

Solaris’ strategy planning processes create product and service roadmaps, define channel requirements, outline development tactics, and anticipate and delineate new opportunities and marketing communication needs insightfully. In short, precisely to give you a competitive advantage.

We work to answer the question, “What steps are required for our strategy to succeed?”
Ideas shape the world around us…


Thoughtful research and clear strategy are critical to success. But passion and development experience are also required to transform plans into new products and services that are engaging, desirable, robust and profitable.

Solaris’ design and engineering teams give form to user experiences by developing products and services that are on-strategy, on-point with users and customers, and on-target to hit performance requirements necessary for success


Our industrial, interaction and service design teams create beautiful, easy-to-use products and services.

By integrating design into research and strategy processes, we are extremely successful at addressing strategic imperatives while creating compelling designs that appeal to emotions, are highly usable, and elegantly solve problems.


Our engineering teams provide the technical, manufacturing, sourcing and project management work necessary to bring your offer to market. We actively manage partners’ inputs, integrating electrical, software and firmware requirements into robust development prototypes and production databases.

We see and address risks before they impact the schedule. We also ensure that the time and effort you invest in your design vision make their way into production and the market.


To succeed in fast-moving, highly competitive consumer product and service markets, you need outstanding targeting skills and ever more advanced delivery skills.

Speed to market is critical – but only when you deliver the products and services that people genuinely desire.


To succeed in fast-moving, highly competitive consumer product and service markets, you need outstanding targeting skills and ever more advanced delivery skills. Speed to market is critical – but only when you deliver the products and services that people genuinely desire.


What makes one product or service cool? When is it wise to offer multiple SKUs? How far can you extend a single platform? What makes an application “killer”? What does it take to excite the channel?

Finding answers to questions like these is the real art in design – and it is the way we approach creating connections to consumers that go deeper than just form and function.


Business-to-business relationships succeed on a combination of trust and value. To create innovative commercial products and services, we focus on the critical details of brand expression, business partner needs, and stakeholder value along the total value chain.

Rather than focusing strictly on product features, we often contribute true innovation at the buyer/seller interaction level.

  • What interactive systems could enhance your relationship with customers?
  • How can we magnify the impact of the user experience?
  • Where can we engage our customers in the development process to ensure their acceptance?

We innovate in essential ways by taking a more thoughtful approach to business-level transactions.

At RapidPro Design, we leverage the power of the latest 3D CAD software to deliver superior design outcomes to our valued customers. SolidWorks enables us to bring your ideas to life with precision and innovation. Its advanced features streamline the design process, ensuring accuracy, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in every project.

With SolidWorks, we provide a design experience that’s not only efficient but also highly collaborative. This allows you to visualize and perfect your concepts before production. Thanks to the unparalleled capabilities of SolidWorks at RapidPro Design, trust us to transform your visions into remarkable, market-ready products.

RapidPro Design’s prototyping development methods harness the latest technologies, ensuring our customers experience superior prototype outcomes. We employ cutting-edge precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness techniques throughout the prototyping process. By leveraging the power of advanced technology, we reduce development time, minimize errors, and offer a dynamic platform for iterative refinement.

You can see, touch, and test your concept accurately and quickly. Our commitment to utilizing the latest technologies guarantees that your prototypes are not just functional but also exceptional, setting the stage for successful product developmen We understand that your product design idea is an expression of your vision.

Our experienced engineers have been helping customers for over two decades, giving us a comprehensive understanding of 3D parametric modelling software.

We believe this expertise allows us to provide you with the best possible design outcomes. We want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your product design journey. That’s why we offer a free consultation and quote, giving you the answers you need to decide on your project. Contact us today, and let us help you bring your vision to life!

Why Choose Us

Empowering Innovations Through Expert Mechanical Design

At SolarisIDEA, our Mechanical Design Engineering Services are driven by a dedicated team of professionals committed to advancing technology and improving the quality of life.

We specialize in product design, prototyping, and comprehensive engineering solutions.

Our Product Design Engineers transform concepts into production-ready products, while our Mechanical Analysts optimize mechanical systems for performance and reliability. Project Managers coordinate multidisciplinary teams to ensure seamless project execution, and our Consultants offer expert advice on complex engineering challenges.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative research methods, we help businesses navigate the complexities of modern engineering, turning opportunities into successful, market-ready products.

Discover how our expertise can elevate your projects and provide you with a competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of engineering.

Unleashing Innovation Through Talent.

Welcome to the forefront of industrial product design and prototyping, where challenges are met with ingenuity and solutions are sculpted with precision. Our Industrial Design Team is a beacon of expertise, specialising in comprehensive services ranging from management and development problem-solving to creating intricate 3D visualisations, finely-tuned product designs and prototypes, and top-tier industrial design engineering services.


Frequently Ask Questions.

Your Mechanical Design Engineering Questions Answered

Professional mechanical design engineering services offer expertise in product innovation, efficient prototyping, and optimized performance. They ensure that products meet high functionality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness standards.

SolarisIDEA approaches product development through rigorous research, strategic planning, and innovative design thinking. This comprehensive approach ensures that every product is well-defined, strategically positioned, and effectively implemented.

Prototyping in mechanical design engineering allows testing and refining concepts before full-scale production. It ensures that designs meet performance requirements, identifies potential issues early, and reduces time to market.

SolarisIDEA integrates sustainability principles into mechanical design solutions by optimizing material usage, reducing energy consumption, and promoting eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This approach aligns with global environmental standards and enhances long-term product viability.

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