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Enhancing Speed and Flexibility in EV Battery Production with New Generation ABB Robots

  • The latest IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 robots bolster material handling capabilities for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, elevating speed and flexibility.
  • With enhanced speed, precision, and a robust design, these robots elevate overall productivity and performance, ensuring higher uptime.
  • The eight variants, ranging from 70kg to 180kg payloads, offer versatility and support diverse applications, including foundry, forging, rubber, plastics, and metal fabrication.


Expanding its array of large robots tailored for intricate manufacturing tasks, ABB introduces two new robot families to its portfolio. The IRB 5710 and 5720 robots feature improved speed, accuracy, flexibility, and a sturdier design, complete with integrated process cabling. These enhancements translate into heightened productivity and performance, ensuring elevated uptime across diverse applications, ranging from electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing to foundry, forging, rubber, plastics, and metal fabrication.

Watch IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 – large ABB robots

Presenting a diverse range of options, the IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 come in eight variants, offering payloads from 70kg to 180kg and reaching distances of 2.3m to 3m. These two robot families collectively cover a broad spectrum of production tasks, including material handling, machine tending, assembly, and specialized electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing operations. Specifically, they excel in battery module picking and placing, high-precision assembly, and parts handling. Beyond EV manufacturing, their versatile benefits extend to applications such as plastic moulding, metal casting, cleaning, and spraying.

"These latest robots mark a strategic leap forward for ABB as we further extend our presence in the swiftly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market. Addressing the increasing demand from our customers, these robust units are designed to deliver the required speed, path accuracy, and dexterity essential for handling intricate EV battery assembly tasks," states Jörg Reger, Managing Director of ABB Robotics' automotive business line.

“The shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), in particular, is propelling a surge in demand for swift and adaptable production lines. Given the intricate nature of EV designs, where components such as batteries and semiconductor modules can be both hefty and delicate, there is a heightened need for solutions that provide maximum precision and repeatability, crucial for error-free production,” added Jörg Reger.

Both robot families are powered by ABB’s latest OmniCoreTM controller, the V250XT, a notable addition to the OmniCore controller series. Leveraging ABB’s TrueMove and QuickMove motion control technology, the OmniCore V250XT controller empowers the IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 robots to achieve industry-leading speed, enhancing production capacity with reduced manufacturing times. With outstanding position repeatability (0.04-0.05mm), path repeatability (0.1-0.14mm), and path accuracy (1-1.2 mm), the IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 surpass the accuracy of other robots in their categories, ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing quality.

Enhanced safeguarding against damage and cable wear is ensured through ABB’s LeanID Integrated DressPack. This innovative feature allows process cables to be internally routed within the robot’s upper arm and along the wrist, eliminating external exposure. This design eliminates the risk of swinging cables, providing protection against heat and collisions—common culprits for robot maintenance issues. By potentially reducing downtime and maintenance costs, LeanID contributes to extending the service life of the robots by several years. Additionally, LeanID simplifies programming and simulation processes, offering predictable cable movements within ABB’s RobotStudio® offline programming software.

IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 Infographic

Both robot families offer various mounting options, including floor, angled, inverted, and semi-shelf configurations, providing unparalleled flexibility in production design.

Stay tuned for the release of additional process applications in 2023, including welding, cutting, and dispensing. Please visit the product pages for IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 below for further details.

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