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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

One team. One idea. Limitless possibilities.

Transforming Concepts into Precision: Unleashing Innovation in 3D Mechanical Design Engineering.

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About Solaris IDEA

Welcome to Solaris IDEA Mechanical Engineering Services, where expertise meets innovation over three decades. Established in 1988, we’ve evolved from an Engineering Consultant to a powerhouse in finding solutions and managing projects. Specialising in repairing, reconditioning, and manufacturing critical mechanical components, our journey spans diverse industries, including Mining, Ore and Coal Plants, Oil and Gas, Marine, Dredging, Power Generation, Construction, and Heavy Engineering projects.

At Solaris IDEA, we leverage state-of-the-art CAD Workstations with cutting-edge AutoCAD Inventor software. Our commitment extends beyond technology; we have a vast network of specialised Engineering Manufacturers across Sydney and Australia, capable of welding and fabricating small and large equipment and components. Today, Solaris is your preferred engineering service provider, recognised for our unwavering commitment to quality and meeting customer needs in Sydney, Australia, and beyond.

Explore our legacy, explore innovation – Solaris IDEA Mechanical Engineering Services.

Tapping Intelligence Through Talent.

Our talent pool contributes to advancements in machinery, robotics, and various industrial applications. In 3D technology, tapping into intelligence means leveraging the expertise of individuals who excel in the intricacies of three-dimensional modelling, printing, and visualisation.


What we Offer

We are intelligence in action.

Mechanical & Automation

Mechanical and Automation engineering seamlessly integrates precision processes.

Research and Science

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge to uncover new insights and solutions for a better future.

Electronics and Technology

Seamlessly intertwine to drive innovation and shape the future.

Food and Beverage Industry

Precision engineering ensures seamless production processes for quality and efficiency.

Medical and Cosmetics

Precision engineering meets aesthetic innovation to redefine the future of healthcare and beauty.

Mining and Machining

Extracting valuable resources from the earth and precision machining to shape these materials into essential components.

Our Company by Number

They Trust Us

They trust us to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional mechanical engineering and 3D expertise, making us their reliable partner in pushing the boundaries of technological advancements.

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Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


"The vision is to pioneer ground breaking solutions at the intersection of mechanical engineering and 3D, unlocking unprecedented innovation and efficiency."


"Our mission is to unlock innovation by tapping into the intelligence and talent at the intersection of mechanical engineering and 3D technology."


"Elevating Innovation, Unleashing Talent in Mechanical Engineering and 3D Excellence."


Meet the Team

Engineering excellence in motion.

Meet the brain team and Unleash Your Engineering Designs with us – Where Intelligence Fuels Innovation!

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